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Wet Cleaning

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Dry Cleaning for a long time has been the only way to get your more delicate clothes cleaned, although it is not without it's limitations. The harsh chemicals are not suitable for all types of clothing (plastic beads, certain types of dirt) and are not the most pleasant materials to work with on a daily basis.

So if you are looking for an alternative to dry cleaning without the harsh chemicals, that's a lot friendlier on fabrics and fibres (and the environment) then Wet Cleaning may hold the solution.

Wet Cleaning is a rapidly growing wash process that involves the wash, dry and finishing of items that would be dry clean or specialist clean only, it achieves this using water as a natural solvent, giving you an effective and safer wash.

Specialist programs and Wet Clean ready equipment are designed to perform the perfect cleaning and drying of your fibres.

The innovative wet-cleaning process ensures that all kind of textiles are gently and efficiently cleaned. Wet Clean can even process fabrics which are by tradition solely the domain of dry-cleaning and some that are beyond even that (Ugg boots, hand bags etc).

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